Derek G. Matthews was born and raised in Annapolis Maryland, and is the former founder of Gemini Consulting LLC. And former executive in the corporate world.

He has been married to the love of his life Carla for over 25 years, and is the father of an incredible set of twins; Arrington and Ariana who are both college graduates. 

Working in the church as a certified Lay Servant Mr. Matthews is very active within the United Methodist Church, where he speaks throughout the county in the absence of pastors and works very closely with youth providing mentorship and resources when needed. 

Now as a Motivational Speaker and Author Derek G. Matthews’s new book “I Was Knocked Down but Not Out! How My Faith Got Me Through! The Raw and Uncut Story” is a personal memoir and autobiography 

Recent release “I Was Knocked Down but Not Out! How My Faith Got Me Through! The Raw and Uncut Story” from Page Publishing author Derek G. Matthews is a cautionary tale and candid reflection on a promising life scarred by a criminal conviction and incarceration. 

This former businessman, current certified lay speaker in the United Methodist church, and former law enforcement professional, has completed his book “I Was Knocked Down but Not Out! How My Faith Got Me Through! The Raw and Uncut Story”: a gripping true account of tragedy, temptation, and redemption. 

The intent of this book is to serve three goals. The first being to act as an opportunity for the world to see Mr. Matthews as a man who has lived a full life that has had great experiences, adventure, and opportunities while also allowing the readers to understand how having faith through life’s storms is critical.

Mr. Matthews says “If only a single reader can walk away with a better understanding that God will never put more on a person than they can bear, then the purpose of the book was met”. The second goal was to let others know that the rules of the game of life change upon whom the rules best serve, and no matter what, one must be accountable for their actions and be prepared to handle the consequences of those actions. Derek shares, “While others may conspire to bring you down, you have the ability to make decisions to not allow them to do so”. The last goal was to have true reconciliation by telling my story to ensure that those only knew my name would now know my story, and I’m sure that by now, most of them would see they would have quit long ago had they walked in my shoes for just a short time.” 

Mr. Matthews has served his country well in many prominent positions which include Senior Government official, assistant Police Chief and several other senior level roles. He has made solid contributions in law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection.  He has provided key leadership to fortune 500 and 100 level companies, and has made solid contributions in making the nation more secure and resilient. He has performed his roles speaking around the world in that capacity and now uses that same energy to motivate others to live their lives.

He allows his confidence of years of extensive training and real world tactical operations to show his master story telling bring the examples he shares to life.  He has participated in hundreds of tactical and high risk operations while working SWAT and Executive/VIP protection operations worldwide.  As a sought after international speaker and consultant he has been able to leverage this expertise in multiple roles throughout the world.  Mr. Matthews's passion is to share the testimony of his life's trials and have others learn from his story. 

Having Mr. speak at your corporate event, sports team, or any other group will surely bring a perspective to your team you will be happy with.