In response to recent crime, violent attacks, school violence, and the general risks and vulnerabilities of our business circles within society, professional security firms and law enforcement agencies have steadily been on an increase, with no decline in the foreseeable future.  It is his belief that if a firm is able to provide “quality services” (i.e., professional experienced personnel and highly trained, knowledgeable and skilled management and staff, be financially solvent, be well advised and have a satisfied clientele base, and be a company with strong leadership, focusing on total concern for the corporate structure and future), it can maintain a strong position in their respective industry nationally and internationally. "I can coach you and help you get there"! Sometimes that outsider coming in and speaking truth to company’s vision is worth the expense. 

 Mr. Derek Matthews has more than 28 years of senior level management within industrial security/law, enforcement, Senior Corporate and military experience used in operations in over 25 countries and across the United States. Along with his real world management experience, Mr. Matthews is currently working with clients to enhance diversity and inclusion training within the workforce, while bringing the needed breath of energy to a work force so they that feel that being in their positions becomes fun again. 

​​​Derek G. Matthews is a consulting professional, coach, trainer, and motivational speaker that provides crisis response/communications services to various size non-government clients and organizations.   
Mr. Matthews believes that the internal integrity of business operations and strong management development are some of the fastest growing markets of our business age. When a staff or team has the needed mindset it makes stressful situations so much easier to handle during crisis mode. Mr. Mathews believes that to learn to Respond to an event and not React to event can save not only money but save lives and keep a team unit and reputation intact. ​






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